Updated On: May 20, 2024

Captivate Customers With Phygital Video Shopping

These days, businesses are always looking for new ways to engage with customers and boost sales. As it skillfully combines actual and virtual purchasing, physical video shopping is becoming more and more popular.

This method uses interactive video content to create interesting video experiences that keep customers watching, increase sales, and raise awareness of the brand. In fact, “80% of people are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences and immersive phygital reality solutions”.

This blog post will talk about how to make interesting Phygital video shopping experiences, why stories and emotional connections are important, and examples of brands using video to captivate customers in phygital shopping. If you are willing to benefit from video shopping check out  ​​phygitalmax to help your brand stand out from the rest.

How Do You Understand Physical Video Shopping?

It’s like having the best of both worlds: you can touch and feel things in real life, and digital tools are easy to use and quick to get to. When brands use engaging video experiences in their ads, they can get people more involved and interested in shopping. This not only gets people more involved but also helps you connect emotionally with your base.

How to create captivating phygital video shopping experiences?

To make Phygital Video Shopping experiences interesting, brands need to pay attention to a few key things:

1. Videos that you can interact with

Phygital Video Shopping is based on videos that you can interact with. The fact that customers can connect with the movie in real-time makes shopping more fun and different. When people watch shoppable videos, they can click on items in the videos to find out more about them or buy them without leaving the videos.  This smooth mixing of information and business makes the user experience better overall and raises the chance of sales.

2. Videos that are interesting to watch

Make sure your films are engaging if you want people to see them. To achieve this, companies should concentrate on creating visually appealing and entertaining films.  People may find videos more interesting and useful if they have user-generated content, product demos, and behind-the-scenes photos.

3. Telling stories in video shopping

Storytelling in video shopping is a very powerful tool. Brands can connect with their customers on a deeper emotional level by telling an interesting story about their goods. This method not only makes Phygital Video Shopping more fun but also helps people stay loyal to a brand. For instance, a fashion brand could make a movie that shows how a product is made, from the idea to the delivery, showing the skill and love that went into each piece.

Creating An Emotional Connection Through Video

This is a powerful way to keep them interested and loyal. Phygital Video Shopping lets brands get to know their customers better by using stories and engaging material to make people feel something. To do this, here are some options:

1. Stories You Can Adore

When you tell stories that people can relate to, you can get to know them on an emotional level. For example, a beauty business might have real customers talk about their experiences with the goods and share their own stories. This method not only makes the brand seem more real but it also helps customers feel like they are part of a group.

2. Appeal to the eye

Video effects can be greatly improved by using high-quality images and paying close attention to the little things. Brands can make videos that are beautiful to look at and leave a lasting effect on viewers by spending money on professional production and creative direction.

3. Making things unique

Personalization is another good way to connect with someone on an emotional level. Brands can make customers feel valuable and understood by making video material that is specific to their likes and dislikes. This could mean making suggestions about goods or making Phygital Video Shopping experiences more personal by using data-driven insights.

Increase Brand Awareness and Boost Sales With Video Marketing

Phygital Video Shopping not only gets customers more involved, but it also has a direct effect on sales and brand recognition.

These are some ways to improve brand awareness with video marketing –

1. Get customers involved with video

Videos that are interactive and interesting can get customers much more involved. Brands can get people to spend more time on their platforms, learn more about their goods, and make smart buying choices by giving them useful material and interactive features.

2. Use video marketing to make more sales

Marketing with videos has been shown to increase sales by making the Phygital Video Shopping experience more interesting and convincing. Shoppable videos, for instance, let customers buy things right from the video, which cuts down on delay and raises the chance of a sale. Videos can also show goods in motion, which is a better way to show off their features and benefits than still photos or text.

3. Increase customer engagement with video

Video material is easy to share with others, which can help spread the word about your brand to more people. Brands can get more attention on social media and get new customers by making movies that people want to watch and remember. You can get more people to see and respond to your videos by working with stars and using user-generated material.


Phygital Video Shopping is a great way to get people interested in your business, increase sales, and raise brand recognition.

Brands can connect with their customers easily and improve the shopping experience overall by using dynamic video content, interesting video experiences, and appealing stories. If you are wondering how to measure the success of video content in phygital marketing, then remember there are several metrics to do so. If you are in search of professional help, ​​Phygitalmax is the brand that can help you achieve success with video shopping.

To stay ahead of the competition as more stores start offering physical video shopping, it’s important to keep making personalised, high-quality material and track its success all the time.

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